Autopilot for my Hewes configuration

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Autopilot for my Hewes configuration

Postby sns49er » Tue Mar 06, 2018 3:50 pm

I will be taking delivery of a Hewes Explorer 260 this summer (although I just saw the new Hewes 290 at Tom n'Jerrys drool ) and I'm looking for input on how to proceed. I will be running 2 Honda 250's with a 15-20 hp Honda kicker. Fish electrics will be a Carbon 16 w/ Structure Scan 3D inside and Carbon 12 or HDS 12 Gen3 at aft steering that only controls kicker. It has hydraulic steering for mains and the kicker has tie-bar connecting to mains. I would like to go with Lowrance Outboard Pilot but research leads me to believe that its intended for a single main engine setup. I fish mainly the inner San Juans with occasional runs to Eagle Point and MacArthur/Hein banks.

Secondary topic. Do the Carbons pretty much render a Lowrance sonar unnecessary or overkill?

Suggestions, criticisms and recommendations welcome.

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Trolling motor

Postby sns49er » Thu Mar 08, 2018 4:44 pm

Forgot to ask this on last post, but is anyone running a newer Honda BF 15 or 20 as a kicker? It will be on a Hewes 260 with dual mains and am curious as to the low/very low speed trolling control.


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Re: Autopilot for my Hewes configuration

Postby Nelly » Fri Mar 09, 2018 8:25 am

Hey 49er,
My advice would be to go to a Simrad system with nothing less than an RPU-80 hydraulic pump. Once you obtain the pump, get it to your builder and have them install it in your new hydraulic steering system.

As far as trolling motors go, if yours is fuel-injected then you're going to have all the fine throttle control you're ever going to need.
I would avoid plug-fouling carburated trolling motors.

There's really no comparison to a fuel-injected kicker these days! rockon
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