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SATURDAY April 22nd 2017 6-9am!!

  • Coming to you LIVE AND ON LOCATION from Red's Rendezvous at the Canyon River Ranch!
  • Steve Joyce and Joe Rotter of Red's Fly Shop grab a headset and run through the day's events!
  • Jason Brooks checks in with a turkey opener report and opening day of trout season run down!
  • Rachel VandeVoort of Kimber Arms and the Backcountry Hunters of America tells us why the Federal divestment of public lands ain't a great thing...oh and RIFLES!!!
  • Cowlitz springer and steel time? YOU BET IT IS! Todd "Riverdog" Daniels has his finger on a very active river pulse!
  • Dave Jones WDFW Enforcement Whatcom County: A few words of wisdom from your friendly neighborhood GW!
  • Don't miss the Northwest Outdoor Report!
  • Daiwa Tech Line: Opening Day Trout Tech!
  • Jet Chevrolet's Picks of the week
  • Roy Robinson Chevy/RV's "Really? Where? and much, much more!
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    Exo_Mountain_Gear Mar 14, 2017

    A look at the updated 3500 and 5500 bags from Exo Mountain Gear. For more information or to order please visit

  • Rigging an Anchovy in a Rhys Davis Hood

    Anchovy Head Jan 13, 2017

  • How To - Rigging Shrimp Pots

    Shrimp Pot Rigging Jan 02, 2017

    John Martinis from John's Sporting Goods demonstrates how to properly rig pots to fish for shrimp and prawns in Puget Sound.

  • Float and Jig Rigging for Steelhead

    Float Jig Dec 12, 2016

    Rob Endsley from the Outdoor Line on 710 ESPN Seattle shows how to rig up with a float and jig for winter steelhead fishing. Floatfishing is hands-down the easiest and most effective technique to learn for catching steelhead. Here's some tips regarding floats, jigs, line, rods, and reels to get you started catching steelhead with a float and jig.