MA6 proposed shorter season

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Re: MA6 proposed shorter season

Postby Moosestock » Sun Apr 30, 2017 9:10 am

Hewes220....a couple of questions for you if you don't mind.....I believe you have to have a passport or enhanced DL to go into canadian waters if I heard the info right last year? you just report each fishermans ID on that phone call and I believe you call back and give your # you received when you re-enter? Is that right? I usually have fished the awesome silver fishery we had in Oct out of PA and loved that fishery. Good Luck on that fishery in the next decade..... One other question....that canadian area that is across from the PA yellow buoy out in front of the Mill....Is that the Sooke area? I was going to check the canadian regs if they are out yet.......I will fish the Chinook in the PA area as usual but will probably do the Canadian thing for that great coho fishery.......Thanks in advance.........Les (16 Sportsman Hewes (: )
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Re: MA6 proposed shorter season

Postby Hewescraft220 » Wed May 03, 2017 6:27 pm

Yes, you need your passport not DL. When you ring in to the Canucks, you give them your passport number and you are assigned a number which you must record in case you are boarded. Everyone on board must have their passport or else you are basically an illegal immigrant in their eyes. Anytime you go back in to Canadian waters on a different fishing trip you must ring and are then given a different number.

I normally don't go that far west off Victoria. When I turn out around the red can at the end of Ediz Hook I just point due north and off I go towards Victoria. I have the waypoints stored on my Lowrance for Coyote and Constance Bank. I have a friend in Victoria that has a Hewescraft Sea Runner and sometimes we'll e-mail/text each other and he gives me the run down on what's happening in those areas. Right now it's fishing good for Halibut.
Normally off the mill is where the red can is and that is where I fish on this side of the Straits for coho and have done quiet well there off the shelf. I hit a 22lb King there last year just trolling along that shelf. It's a good spot in late September and early October for sure.

I think this season is screwed for us recreational guys. But no worries from the tribes or commercials as they always get their quotas.
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Re: MA6 proposed shorter season

Postby Gemeniii » Mon May 22, 2017 12:31 pm

Are you talking about Blackmouth season in MA6?
If so, my understanding is the State of Washington rears 4 million+ Chinook in fresh water for six months and then release them into the Strait and Puget specifically to support the winter fishery.
This happens every year.
How is limiting winter blackmouth going to change the Dungeness Chinook?
Tight Lines!
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