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Sep 15, 2020 by Tom Nelson

The first time I ever spent a night in an “RV” was during high school in a friends truck canopy on a December Olympic Peninsula driftboat trip. We froze our uh,… steelhead rods off but the advantages, convenience and fun of spending more time on the river and less on the road stayed with me.

Since my initial uncomfortable experience with recreational vehicles, the products like this affordable Winnebago Sunstar motorhome from Roy Robinson RV have made traveling fishing and hunting in comfort a lot easier!

Since that memorably frigid experiece I’ve learned that so much of what we do afloat or afield can be made more comfortable by the right RV which can prolong your stay and more importantly, allow family members and friends to join you as well.

By this point in my outdoor experiences, I’ve used, hauled, loaded, towed and now driven just about every make, model and style available. Since most of what I do these days involves towing a boat or utility trailer, these days, I’ve abandoned pick-up campers and travel trailers in favor of motorhomes.

This Winnebago Forza at an Astoria, Oregon campground kept our Buoy 10 crew comfortable and clean with a washer/drier, two full baths, bunks for six, three pop-outs and a full kitchen featuring a huge residential stainless refrigerator/freezer. The big freezer was a HUGE advantage as it enabled us to quickly freeze our Columbia River chinook and coho to preserve their amazing table quality!
The Winnebago Forza’s interior is simply amazing especially when you consider that the big screen TV, fireplace and leather couches are rolling down the road with you making your trip every bit as comfortable -and fun- as the destination!

We recently returned from a trip to Moab, Utah which is the first trip I’ve taken in several years that did not involve fishing gear and/or firearms. My wife Kathy and I picked Moab because of it’s close proxility to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks as well as the unbelievably scenic Dead Horse State Park. I thought that a trip that did not involve hunting and fishing would not be as memorable and fufilling but happily I was mistaken.

There’s a lot more to enjoying yourself than filling the freezer. The amazing and awe-inspiring landscapes shaped by millions of years and receeding pre-historic glaciers put our lifespans in perspective. The amazing thing about a trip like this is the expectation vs experience reflections. You anticipate that you’ll enjoy the trip but what you get out of an adventure like this is often so much more.

Whatever RV you choose to use the fun and freedom of the open road awaits. The right RV will make your fishing and hunting more comfortable, extend your seasons and provide more vacation options. Just remember: It’s often the journey and the destination that you’ll find the most memorable.

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