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Mar 30, 2020 by Rob Endsley
Super realistic octopus swim bait from Optimum Baits

There’s no doubt the new Magnum Octopus swimbait from Optimum Baits will terrorize ling cod and bottomfish on the west coast. Halibut will probably even hit this killer swimbait. I can’t count the times that we’ve found whole octopus or tentacles in the stomachs of ling cod when they are filleted at the end of the day. Ling cod simply love octopus and while there’s quite a few imitations out there that come close there isn’t much on the market as lifelike as this one.

It can be rigged on a jig head, fished inline, as an inline dropper, or as a trailer on another jig. Magnum Octopus come in two sizes, 7 inch (2 to a pack) and the 9-inch (single pack) version shown above. Colors available are glow, natural, pop, tomato pepper (shown here), and motor oil red. 

Best Lingcod Swimbait - Optimum Baits Magnum Octopus

Here’s some underwater video that highlights the bottomfish catching attraction of the Magnum Octopus:

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