Edmonds Coho Derby 2015 limited!

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Edmonds Coho Derby 2015 limited!

Postby Fishnut » Thu Sep 03, 2015 5:44 am

Edmonds Coho Derby 2015 limited!

Saturday September 12, PSA Sno-King presents the Edmonds Coho Derby. This is a fun derby for the entire family. We really want to see parents get their kids out on the water and this derby is the one for them to be part of something special. Kids are our future and we want to see them in the great outdoors fishing. Grand prize is $5000.00 Kids division wins a trophy and a cash prize. Our derby the kids can win both the adult and kids division. In 2013 Essix Kelly won both the kids and adult division. I got to meet her dad. He told me afterwards that one of their downriggers went out and the winnings contributed to two new downriggers for their boat! What a great way to spend the earnings.

We have a live leader board for our derby. This is a fantastic system. We only need your ticket with the number and your fish when you come to the weigh in. This system automatically brings up your info, the weight is entered, and you are immediately placed on the leader board. You can check the leader board throughout the day on your smart phone on edmondscohoderby.com and click on the leaderboard at the top.

For more info go to www.edmondscohoderby.com
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