SpeedCrabbing For A Cure!

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SpeedCrabbing For A Cure!

Postby RogerSpeedCrabbing » Tue Jul 22, 2014 3:40 pm

Hey Tom! Thanks again for having Eddie Adams, Adam Sinnett and I on your show this past weekend to promote our 2nd Annual SpeedCrabbing For A Cure at the Port of Everett Marina! It was such a phenomenal event and here's some information from the derby:

Crabbing reports from the derby indicated that deeper was better at 90
feet plus. The south end of Hat Island was a great area. Also, look for
micro-bays along the west side of Hat that act like a virtual speed bump
for the ripping tides allowing the crab to have longer feeding times.
The bar outside jetty island was great too. I got a mysterious tip
regarding a hotspot located in front of an A-Frame house on the
southeast side of Whidbey Island. Although most remained guarded about
their precise locations, the top teams agreed that they used short soaks
(about 30-45 min) at the outset to target the crab and then used longer
soaks once they were on the lunker males.

When it comes to speed-crabbing strategy the separation was in the
preparation. The weight bonus played a huge factor this year. For
instance, our retuning champions "Carpe Cancer" had the overall heaviest
catch submission but actually placed 4th in the standings because others
claimed higher weight bonuses. Sure, luck is always a part of being
successful out on the water, but in the Speed-Crabbing derby it's not
just what you catch, but how fast you catch it.

Total weight brought in during our event on Saturday was a whopping 282.045 pounds of delicious dungeness. 165 crab were caught in total and it was a fantastic awards ceremony.

Thanks for your support Tom and 710 ESPN! Awesome 2nd Year for us. We will be in touch with more details as we align our 3rd annual event in 2015.

Tight lines!

Roger White.
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