Puyallup Tribal Crabbing in Commencement Bay

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Puyallup Tribal Crabbing in Commencement Bay

Postby Kaptain King » Mon May 12, 2014 1:44 pm

I was out in my kayak yesterday and noticed a ton of buoys out in the water...After a while I figured out that the natives were crabbing in the bay from the mouth of the Puyallup all the way down past the grain elevators. I do not remember seeing all of the buoys this time last year before the state opener...They were probably there, I just didn't see them. My point is, does anyone know how long the tribe gets to crab out in the bay? With the State opener being July 1st this year I was worried that all of the crabs would be gone by July 1st. I was wondering if the natives were allowed to crab for a couple weeks, then stop, or if they can crab all the way through the state opener in July. Anyone have an idea? Thanks and enjoy the sun this week! thumbup
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