Resurrection Derby to Honor WWII Vets

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Resurrection Derby to Honor WWII Vets

Postby Dash One » Sun Oct 28, 2012 3:26 pm

This just in from Kevin Klein, Resurrection Derby Chairman ...

Resurrection Derby to Honor War Veterans

The 2012 Resurrection Derby in Friday Harbor will begin the morning of December 7th, coinciding with the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. This date of course will “live in infamy”, marking the thrust of our nation into World War II. Times were very dire indeed, as Hirohito had delivered his first devastating punch, and the Nazi war machine ground through Eastern Europe. Many of our fathers and grandfathers left the forests and farmlands of the Pacific Northwest to join the fight overseas. These tough kids, raised in the Great Depression, went on to turn the tide of war in hallowed places such as Midway, Normandy, and Leyte Gulf. The War also couldn’t have been won with out our regions young women, “Rosie the riveters”, who built the planes and ships to send into battle. So we will pay tribute to the last remaining members of our greatest generation, and all the veterans of foreign wars who have answered the Country’s call to duty. Our derby flags this year will be American flags, and every vessel participating in the tournament will be given the stars and stripes to fly. After a moment of silence, we will fire the Cannon off the American Legion hall to start the day’s fishing, as all the boats face the rising sun. The competition may be fierce this year, but win or lose, we will honor the men and women who fought, and still fight for our freedom to compete.

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Good stuff ... gives me pause.

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