Terrible customer service at Navico.

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Terrible customer service at Navico.

Postby divankov » Wed May 09, 2018 3:46 pm

Does anyone have any suggestions about dealing with the customer service at Navico. I spent over $10k on my Simrad electronics last year and am going crazy dealing with some quality issues right now. I have an NSS Evo3 and autopilot keypad that have failed. I have had to call their service line 5 times with wait times no less than 1.5 hours. In addition, the first RMA only had one item on it when it went through (so I had another multi-hour wait to get the other one entered), they messed up my address on the RMA so the unit that they shipped me took 2 weeks to get to Everett (since it was shipped very slow ground on FedEx/USPS) and would have been sent back if I hadn't been tracking it all the way and saw that the post office was going to send it back. I assume I will have the same issue with the other package that should be coming.

I will say that one good thing was that they let me pay for new units and ship those out before mine went in - they will credit me when I ship the old ones in. If it hadn't been for that, my system / boat would have been down for months.

In any case, if anyone has any suggestions or secret direct to service numbers, I would appreciate it.

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