Area 10 Meadow Point

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Area 10 Meadow Point

Postby pcorazao » Mon Jul 31, 2017 8:56 am

I figured I would share a quick report since everyone might have Area 10 on the brain. I have been fishing Meadow point for the past few weekends and have been trying to figure that area out. I am on a Kayak so my range and energy is limited, and I call Meadow Point my opportunity spot on Saturday mornings. Here are my findings spy

I have had some good crab pulls at 60ft, look for "S" on that navionics chart and send it down, west of the jetty wall on the south end is great. Fresh squid, little herring chopped up, a few fish heads and back bones with a "pink glow stick" shhh has been working for me. I am going to start throwing some of that shrimp and crab attractant pro cure in the pot this weekend.

I have been out on there during a few of the extreme low tides and what I have seen is just amazing when it runs out that hard. Its like a river off meadow point flowing north to Edmond's, all the bait catches on top of that bar, just behind the green can point. Too far into that river from the meadow point, straight line to Edmond's and everything disappears on the screen. Too far into that meadow point bay off to the east and its just seaweed and wash out from that tide exchange on your gear. The hot spot and where I have had the most success is right on the back side of that green can if the tide is going out. You will have a few sharks, so tie a few extras. Now with Area 9 closed a few more fish will be showing up, you know where I'll be.
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Re: Area 10 Meadow Point

Postby Nelly » Mon Jul 31, 2017 7:22 pm

Thanks PC!
I'll take all the A10 intel that I can get!
That "S" on the chart that you mentioned denotes SAND on the bottom.
Google "Chart No. 1" which is the key to the cartographer's or chart makers abbreviations.
In this wonderful, free publication you'll find all kinds of info that will let you get the most out of all your nautical charts and may save you a few paddle strokes on that Kayak of yours! spy
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