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Oct 03, 2019 by Rob Endsley

Browning X-Bolts typically come with a trigger pull weight between 3.5 and 4 pounds. There’s really no need to adjust the pull weight of a trigger on one of these rifles unless you obsess over this sort of thing, like me, and insist that dropping the trigger pull will help your shooting.

I took a Lyman trigger pull gauge to my new Pro Tungsten 300 WSM and it pulled at just under four pounds. Most rifles companies nowadays will provide instructions on how to adjust the trigger pull and Browning was no different. Making this adjustment was simple.

Simply remove the two screws that hold the metal base plate into the rifle and remove this plate.

You’ll notice a small adjustment screw on the trigger group just in front of the trigger. Use a 2 mm Allen wrench to turn this screw up or down to adjust the trigger pull weight. Turn the screw clockwise to increase the trigger pull and counter-clockwise to decrease it. Turn this screw one quarter turn, or less, at a time to adjust the trigger.

The Lyman Trigger Pull Gauge is a handy tool for measuring the weight of the trigger pull on any firearm. After all safety considerations have been met use the gauge to pull the trigger of the firearm. In this case I pulled the gauge two to three times per adjustment to ensure that all the readings were the same. I settled on a trigger pull weight of 3 pounds.

A couple more trips to the range and a’hunting this rifle will go. This Pro Tungsten will find itself in Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Nevada in the next two months. I’ll post some more photos as things progress. Thanks for stopping in!

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