Dec 10, 2013 by Rob Endsley
Christmas Gift Idea – Age Your Own Whiskey

Heritage Distilling in Gig Harbor has put together the perfect Christmas gift for the whiskey lover in your life. I can't think of too many of my fellow sportsman that don't like a fine whiskey on the rocks after a long day in the field. I know I do! With...

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Dec 02, 2013 by Rob Endsley
A Boat Launching Nightmare!

I just ran across this photo from a flyfishing trip I took years ago to the Green River in Utah. While the Utah Parks Gastapo was busy searching our boat for beer, order cigarettes, and porn this rig pulls up with two driftboats in tow. "Where the hell are we...Mars?",...

Nov 27, 2013 by Rob Endsley
Winter Steelhead: Sight vs. Smell

An interesting question came up on my Facebook page the other day that's often talked about amongst us steelhead fanatics. What's the most important factor in getting a winter steelhead to strike...sight or smell? I would say without a doubt that sight, and more importantly presentation, is the biggest factor...

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Nov 13, 2013 by Rob Endsley
Montana Spot and Stalk Mule Deer Hunt

I just returned from a fulfilling mule deer hunt in the Missouri River breaks of Central Montana. Hunting here means hours and hours behind the glass searching for mule deer in the open sage country of the breaks. A great set of field glasses, a spotting scope, and an eye...

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Nov 01, 2013 by Rob Endsley

THE WORLD’S FIRST SOLO-VAULT FOR AR PLATFORM RIFLES ShotLock, maker of the only solo-vault for shot guns and handguns, is introducing a solo-vault made specifically for full framed AR platform rifles for release mid-November ‘13. Designed to hold a single AR style tactical rifle, the ShotLock AR Solo-Vault is perfectly...

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Oct 21, 2013 by Tom Nelson
Canyon River Ranch With Jay “The Bone” Buhner

I've always been chided by, well, everybody for my lack of fly fishing expertise. The sad fact is, I really have no defense to the criticism. Most anglers careers follow some type of meaningful progression. You know, dunking worms as a kid in the local pond to fly fishing in...

Oct 16, 2013 by Tom Nelson
High Tech Salmon Smoking!!!

I've been smoking (and eating) salmon literally my whole life. I've been fortunate to travel all over Alaska and have seen how the native Alaskans process & smoke their fish and game so I felt that I had a good handle on the process. That was until I wrote my...

Oct 15, 2013 by jdarr
New Driftboat – Tricked to the Hilt

By Josiah Darr. When it comes to drift boats there are a fairly endless number of options and accessories available if you have the money and are willing to spend it. Do you want a metal boat? Fiberglass? Maybe a classic wooden boat? Willie and Koffler make great aluminum boats...

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Oct 09, 2013 by Rob Endsley
Middle Schooler Scores First Black Bear

After two years of perseverance hunting the rugged west slope of the Cascades in Whatcom County 14 year old Justin Miedema finally got a chance at his first black bear. Justin took the 250 pound black bear at 370 yards with a 140 grain bullet from his .270. "The bear...

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Oct 07, 2013 by Rob Endsley
Blacktail Scouting With Our 2 Year Old

It kind of sounds like an oxymoron when you first read it. Scouting with a 2 year old...really??? She isn't actually two yet, but at 20 months she's close enough. This is our third trip into the woods now and I'll admit the first two were a little rough. On...