Dec 21, 2010 by Rob Tobeck
Year in Review, What a Great Year!

One of my favorite hours of the the show since we began almost two years ago was last Saturday.  We began by just telling a few fishing stories, sharing our favorite moments from 2010.  Some were of a big fish, some were stories of checking off a bucket list fish, and some...

Dec 19, 2010 by Tom Nelson
The Miracle Deer of Stephens Passage

A foursome of young bucks fell upon some good luck earlier this year as they were pulled from the icy waters and swift currents of Stephens Passage by a group of locals out to enjoy the last few days of recent sunshine. The deer were found far from shore, presumably fleeing one...

Dec 15, 2010 by Guest
Seven Last Casts

BY JEFF LUND I’m a seven last-casts type of guy. I set certain conditions that hopefully will qualify as excuses to stay riverside, or contrastingly provide reasonable closure. Sometimes the criteria is demanding, last cast unless I hook one or get a bite’. Others, less optimistic, ‘okay, last cast unless...

Dec 10, 2010 by Tom Nelson
MarDon Migration!

At Mar Don Resort the concept of an "Off Season" is unknown. Potholes Reservoir is open year-round and even if it freezes solid, there is always something to hunt and fish for. In fact, we visited MarDon the second week of December and the "dead of winter" was anything but...

by Rob Endsley
Giant Burgers on French Bread

"You couldn't get Tobeck to come?", asked Mike Meseberg of Mar Don Resort as we shivered out of our skin in our layout blinds/coffins in the midst of four dozen full-body Canada goose decoys on Wednesday. My reply, "Nope, he's a lot smarter than we are."  I was trying to...

Dec 08, 2010 by Rob Tobeck
Commision Meeting Report

This past weekends Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission meetings yielded some positive results and well, some things that aren't so good. There was also some comic relief from the commercial fishing industry as one bottom dragger claimed that bottom "destroyers" are actually heroes because they "clean" the bottom of...

Dec 03, 2010 by Rob Endsley
Bogachiel River Brat Festivus

  Forks, Washington Guide Mike Zavadlov with a chrome Bogachiel River winter steelhead I've been watching all the coastal steelhead reports lately like a cat staring at a bird. Reports of hammer-time steelhead action were pouring in with regularity. By last weekend my tail was switching back and forth in...

Dec 02, 2010 by Tom Nelson
San Juan Winter Chinook Opener!

The summer chinook season in Marine Area 7 closed at the end of October and with it, one of the best kept hot fishing secrets in recent memory. In other words, it was just smokin' for hatchery chinook and the locals kept it quiet! Nevermind that some of us had deer...

Nov 30, 2010 by Rob Endsley
A Smattering of 2010 Big Game Photos

I saute'd my Washington deer tag last night in butter and garlic and while it was a little dry...have to say it didn't taste all that bad. I had my chances and have no regrets about my 2010 hunting season.  I just typed "smattering" and spell check didn't highlight it,...

by Tom Nelson
Cowlitz Commute!

If you say "Thanksgiving", I think "Steelhead" and so does Ryan Bennett of Reel Deal Guide Service! Ryan and I had planned to head down to the Cowlitz one week ago but the snow storm that snarled traffic changed our minds in a hurry. So, we waited a week, got...