Who’s afraid of the BIG BAD WOLF??!!!

On behalf of deer and elk populations everywhere as well as our friends the farmers and ranchers I am proud to stand up and say:
"I am afraid, I am very afraid."

This wolf was shot recently in Drayton Valley , Alberta which is near Edmonton about 3 hours North of Calgary. The wolf weighs over 230lbs smashing the previous record of 175lbs.  


I certainly wouldn't want to run into this puppy in the woods. Apparently a bear hunter witnessed this wolf chase off a big black bear at this baiting station.

Despite protests by hunters, outfitters, guides and the aforementioned farmers & ranchers the re-introduction of wolves into western North American big game habitat continues.

In a recent Outdoor Line interview, Petersen's Hunting Editor Mike Schoby commented that several big game guides have reported reduced sightings of deer and elk in most if not all of the area in which wolf populations have been re-established.
Coming into winter, big game populations are most stressed. Unfortunately, this is also the time of year when the wolves take the bulk of their terrible toll on our game populations.

 Let me ask you: How many deer did the wolf pictured above eat to attain that size?

How many more deer and elk must end up as wolf droppings before we start making wiser big game management choices?


11 thoughts on “Who’s afraid of the BIG BAD WOLF??!!!

  1. It would make a good rug. Mike also mentioned that he felt the re-introduction of wolves was an attempt to keep us from hunting opportunities and I agree.

  2. I bet Lillian was choking down a Whopper while she was typing that ridiculous post. Prob doesn’t own a gun anyway. When the zombies come she will need our help.

  3. I have seen wolves like this, just outside of Montreal Quebec! The citizens in that city are particularly terrified, as they are city people and have no guns. Our Canadian socialist government has forbidden all guns, and now the wolves have finally figured this out!
    A rural suburb of Montreal, called Pointe-Claire has had several wolf attacks, and the citizens are now afraid to go to the grocery store, unless it’s by snowmobile.
    We need some American hunters up here. You guys have guns- you can kill these wolves and even keep them. A citizen’s group here will even pay for the taxidermy! And don’t worry about the border crossing- The Canadian customs will let you in, if you DECLARE your rifle or handgun- just tell them you are gonna help clear the wolves out around Montreal!
    PLEASE! We need you! Our socialist gun registration laws have left us defenseless, and the cops just laugh and say"Kill wolves? Hey, thats not MY problem!"
    American hunters,[b] please[/b] help us!

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