Skagit Spring C&R Funding issue

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Skagit Spring C&R Funding issue

Postby House » Sat Jan 13, 2018 6:15 am

The Skagit Spring C&R fishery has been closed since 2010 and it's taken one whale of a lot of effort by the Occupy Skagit group and others to make this opportunity a reality once more.

However, last night at the WDFW Mill Creek meeting District 4 Fish Program Biologist Edward Eleaser announced that he only has funding to monitor 14 days of the Three MONTHS that the fishery should be open.

This announcement is in DIRECT CONFLICT with Director Jim Unsworth's verbal commitment on December 8th at the Olympia WDFW Commission meeting that this fishery would be fully funded!

You can share your concerns with WDFW by emailing Director Jim Unsworth at and the Fish and Wildlife Commission at and DEMAND that the Director back up his words and FUND THE SKAGIT catch and release fishery!
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Re: Skagit Spring C&R Funding issue

Postby SCHANKER » Sun Jan 14, 2018 4:22 pm

Nelly! Really!! :evil: what do we have to do to get the ball in our court for once! The years we went to the wildcat club, fought for grandy creek fish when the wells were dug already. The director says this will be funded, now its not. WTF! Were does license fees and our money go anymore? Is it still going into the general fund which is what i thought? I know i would pay a bit more on our licenses to fund all fishing/hunter programs, and not buy the govenor a new chair. Put it all into our wdfw activities. I might be way off base, just seems like it’s not going to what we want. bangheadwall 50cal beatdeadhorse Happy days!
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