Puget Sound Hatchery Steelhead NEED YOUR HELP!

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Puget Sound Hatchery Steelhead NEED YOUR HELP!

Postby House » Mon Dec 14, 2015 11:43 am

Time is growing short and the need is urgent.
The misguided anti-hatchery effort fails to recognize that without good habitat, hatcheries are necessary to maintain our fisheries and once our hatchery steelhead program is gone, they will be coming after the salmon hatcheries.

Please take a minute to hit this link, fill out the basic information and an email will be sent to NOAA urging them to simply do their job and complete by April 1, 2016 their reviews and final approvals, of early winter hatchery steelhead programs for the Dungeness, Nooksack, Stillaguamish, Skykomish, and Snoqualmie rivers.

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Re: Puget Sound Hatchery Steelhead NEED YOUR HELP!

Postby Fishnut » Tue Dec 15, 2015 12:54 pm

Thanks everyone and keep sending. Cut and paste the link to everyone you know. Its that important.

Just a heads up that Wild Fish Conservancy is doing the same thing on their end and trying to get as many or more letters sent to NOAA/USFW against this.

They threw the lawsuit against NOAA for no Steelhead Recovery Plan to try to pull staff away from approving the Hatchery and Genetics Management Plan (HGMP) and Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). This would not let the approvals happen in time and would kill the hhatchery program. They are no amateurs and in my opinion underestimated us.

I expect more from them as the time grows nearer. But we are ready for it.

Keep flooding NOAA and USFW service. At this point its a numbers game. We need to beat them bad with the amount of letters sent in.
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