Dieter's Idaho Elk

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Dieter's Idaho Elk

Postby Robbo » Sun Oct 23, 2011 6:45 pm

Dieter Kaboth from Hunter's Specialties just dropped me this photo and blurb from his recent elk hunt. 4 time elk calling champion...when he calls...they listen :D

This is a public land bull that I shot early last week on the last day of my hunt in Idaho, not a big bull but was sure happy to fill our freezer for this year. Called him into 30 yards during the rifle season, he came in directly down wind (like most bulls do) and with Tek-4 and Scent-A-Way products he never knew I was there, even though we were in a dry camp all week. Scent-A-Way to the max works!!!

Hope you are well...

Best regards,

Dieter Kaboth
Hunter's Specialties

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