Pics from Round One

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Pics from Round One

Postby Robbo » Thu Oct 20, 2011 9:52 am

Just back from round one of this years deer hunting binge. I spent the weekend at a friends house on Blewett Pass that has a lot of game behind his place on the Forest Service ground. Beautiful country and tons of sign, but it sure seemed like the deer were nocturnal. We ended up riding his four wheeler up the washed out Forest Service road to the top of the mountain both days. After hiking my nads off in search of deer all of my life I have to admit it was pretty awesome getting chauffered around on the quad.

We saw four bucks on Saturday evening but no shooters. A quad drove in just minutes before us on Saturday morning and of course got a nice 3x4 as they were riding in. They already had it lying on the road when we came along. I guess we shouldn't have had that second cup of coffee.

Ray G showed up Sunday morning and all three of us piled on the Quad for the ride up the hill. Not sure why I didn't get a photo of that...hilarious! Ray saw three does and we jumped a bull elk on the ride up in the morning.
If you're ever in Cashmere ya gotta stop into this killer BBQ joint. The best pulled pork sandwich I've ever had and they make homemade potato chips. Damn good eats!
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I caught the Cashmere/Chelan game on Friday night and man what a game. It was a see-saw battle and it came right down the last second of the game when Cashmere stopped Chelan on the goal line with a second left in the game.
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One of the pet Merriam turkeys at Johns place. They call him "Macho" and he literally gobbled and strutted around 24-7.
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And Johns award winning knucklehead lab that he spent a couple grand getting trained. He sleeps with the chickens and turkeys. Fricking classic!
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Macho marked my truck while we slept!
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I made a flame run up to Capt. Kims camp in Okanogan County on Sunday night, arriving at around 10:00 just as the guys were sloshing down the last of whishkey.
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Hunted hard with those guys for two day covering many miles of great ground. Saw tons of deer but no shooters in the mix for me. On Tuesday we made an hour drive to a hidey hole in the Okanogan that was full of deer. At least twenty does for me and three small bucks, including a tastey 2 point whitetail standing broadside 30 feet away. Lucky for him we were 6 miles from the truck. Kim jumped a masher whitetail on the same ridge but couldn't get a shot. I woke up with the crud on Wednesday morning and decided to head back to the wet side early in the day. I'll be chasing blacktails over here the rest of the season 8-)
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