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You think you've had a tough hunt???

PostPosted: Sat Nov 22, 2014 5:51 am
by Nelly
Well then, you're going to want to listen this morning.

Joining us on The Outdoor Line today is Wilf Lloyd, a 56-year-old taxidermist from Cranbook, B.C., whom on his annual family elk hunting trip was attacked last month by a grizzly near Fernie, B.C., and then shot by his hunting partner, son-in-law Skeet Podrasky when a bear came out of the bush.

“I heard a noise below me," he said. "And I just knelt down to pick it up and I heard a thud, and I looked up, the grizzly’s eyes were locked right on me and he was full charge and he was about seven feet away.”

Wilf says he is recovering well and there is a site set up to help him with his expenses of his treatment. ... und/248693