Apr 26, 2017 by Rob Endsley
Deer Cartridges – A Trio at the Top

by Wayne Vanzwoll Name three fine deer cartridges? Easy! Name only three? Oh. That’s really, really hard!The deer was loping through Michigan poplars when a bullet from my $30 SMLE broke its neck. My first whitetail. The .303 British, now 130 years old, still works fine for deer. It has...

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Mar 26, 2017 by Rob Endsley
Making Lightweight Hunting Rifles Behave

By Wayne Van Zwoll If your bullets wander about the target, and game inexplicably runs off, maybe you lack ounces.The lighter your burden, the more you enjoy walking, climbing, hunting. Many early bolt-action hunting rifles weighed over 8 pounds. In the 1950s Winchester introduced its Featherweight Model 70 at 6...

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Oct 27, 2011 by Rob Endsley
My 2011 Washington Blacktail

I spent five days hunting whitetails and mule deer in Eastern Washington last week in what can only be described as sun bathing weather. Not exactly the type of conditions that produce great deer hunting. I saw plenty of deer, including 9 bucks, but there were no shooters in the...