How to Rig the Gibb’s Hali Hawg

Adding a Gibb’s Hali Hawg grub to your halibut rig can make a big difference when you hit the water in search of flatties this spring. They swim, wiggle, glow, and give an added measure of attraction when you’re ringing the dinner bell on the ocean floor.

In this Gibb’s Delta video longtime Vancouver Island charter captain Trevor Zboyovsky from No Bananas Charters shows how to rig a Hali Hawg grub with two “J” hooks to hammer Pacific halibut. Hali Hawg grub’s are manufactured with a hole thru the center that makes rigging them on a halibut leader really simple and effective.

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Nailing Down Nootka!

After visiting the Nootka Sound Resort in late April on our "scouting mission" the prospect of fishing my own boat out of this incredible facility on the west coast of Vancouver Island had me counting the days until I could return.

I was not disappointed.

Unlike all our other fishing trips where we fend for ourselves for meals and lodging, staying at the Nootka Sound Resort's floating lodge, literally yards from world-class salmon angling was nothing less than luxurious!

It's all about maximizing the time you spend on the water! No time is wasted traveling to and from the boat or finding food & fuel. You simply get up in the morning and head down to the dining room for your hot breakfast, coffee, grab your ready-made lunch, jump in the boat and go fishing!

How far is the run to the fish? You can see chinook jumping from the Moutcha Bay Lodge and from the floating lodge at Nootka Sound Resort we hooked a king salmon within sight of our room. Of course if the ocean is more to your liking, a 45 minute run will get you outside for halibut, lings and of course, salmon!

"Sure." you're thinking,  "The salmon are not far from the lodge, but how long will it take me to get to the lodge?"

First and foremost, forget about the Canadian Ferries, especially if you are bringing your own boat! The Washington State Ferry System's Anacortes to Sydney, BC on Vancouver Island is less than half price than their Canadian counterpart and there are virtually no lines going through Customs!

Starting the clock at the Anacortes Ferry Dock at 0800, the crossing is two hours so your on your way to Campbell River at 1030hrs. We arrived at Campbell river a little after 2pm and were backing the boat down the ramp at Gold River at 4pm. We had two chinook in the boat and were in the lodge having dinner at 6:45pm!

With "Big Red" on the Ferry, we're ready for the first leg of our journey!


Once we got there it was obvious that there we other ways to get to Nootka! Nootka Airlines? Really???


Despite the fact that it rained 6 inches hours before our arrival, scattering the fish, it wasn't long until Lee Andersen boated our first fish of the trip! This feisty chinook grabbed a 6" Tomic 602 plug with only 21 feet of wire out!


My son Matt got into the act and Moutcha Bay produced very well for us that first evening.


When we were done for the evening, the lodge was literally minutes from where we were fishing and it was kick back and relax time!


The Nootka Sound Resort was built by fishermen, for fishermen as evidenced by the fish cleaning dock, attached to the lodge that you can tie your boat up to!


From your room, you can see your boat at the ready with one of the better inside spots, just outside the island guarding Gagliano Bay, visible from your room!


On our first full day at the lodge, we headed to the ocean for some solid salmon action. The gang from Crabby's Charters had halibut on their minds and crushed 'em! Halibut and lingcod open in August…What a concept!


On our last full day at the lodge, we were treated to a misty, Vancouver Island sunrise over Moutcha Bay.


Put yourself in the picture! We hope you can join us for next year's Outdoor Line Nootka Adventure!


We are currently in the process of securing the dates and rooms for the 2012 event. We are planning on early August so keep an eye on our trips page and listen in on Saturday morning for more information.


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