Hunters Convene at Sportco for Spring Seminars

Close to a hundred avid hunters gathered at Sportco Sporting Goods in Fife, Washington yesterday for a day of spring hunting seminars sponsored by Sportco and the Outdoor Line on 710 ESPN Seattle.

Julie Cyr from Sitka Gear (hey…that rhymes) was on hand all day and even took a ride in Ryan Lampers new EXO Mountain Gear 5500 pack. She’s a spark plug for sure and spends every waking second of her free time hunting and fishing.  

Travis Smith led off the day with an outstanding turkey seminar and followed it up with some personal calling instruction afterwards. Travis is a pro-staffer for Zink calls and Avian X decoys and he’s a wealth of info when it comes to turkey and waterfowl hunting in Washington.

Jason Brooks is a regular guest on the Outdoor Line and has a column in Northwest Sportsman Magazine. He’s an encyclopedia of mule deer hunting intel and gave an info-packed seminar on hunting mule deer in Washington state. He also brought in his new Kimber Mountain Ascent rifle chambered in .280 Ackley Improved with the new Vortex Razor HD Lightweight Hunter scope. The whole package weighs in at just 6 pounds. Wow!

Ryan Lampers, a.k.a. Sthealthy Hunter, and his hunting partner Joe Pyburn shared their experiences hunting mule deer and elk in the Washington backcountry. These guys showcased their philosophy, gear, and the training that’s necessary to take trophy game here in Washington. They are living proof that it can be done!

Lampers and Pyburn talking about their extended stays in the backcountry and the preparation it takes to tag out in Washington on a trophy animal every year.

There were great giveaways from Vortex optics, Avian X calls, Shotlock, and Phelps Game Calls. Here’s Brian with his new set of Vortex 10 x 42 binoculars that he won at the raffle. I can’t thank Vortex enough for all their help with this seminar. They are fantastic to work with and manufacturer exceptional products!

Jason Phelps from Phelps Game Calls wrapped it all up with an exceptional seminar on elk calling. Here’s a brief snippet of just one of the many sounds that Jason demonstrated to bring in that trophy bull elk next fall.

Phelps raffled off some of his elk calls at the end of his seminar. We were excited to see this young man so pumped about hunting and there were several other kids in the crowd, as well. Big thanks to the proud parents that brought their kids to the event yesterday!

Carl will be putting this Phelps bugle tube to work next fall.

…and another Phelps bugle tube heading for the elk woods next fall.

This gentleman can now lock up his home-defense pistol in this Shot Lock that he won at the raffle.

This lucky hunter brought home a brand new Avian X turkey decoy that he won at the raffle. Big thanks to Avian X for the great dekes and swag they sent for the seminars. The detail on these turkey decoys is incredible!

Jason Brook’s new Kimber Mountain Ascent and Vortex Razor HD Lightweight Hunter combo was on display after his seminar. You wouldn’t believe how light this setup is.

I even took a little time to get measured up for a bow at Sportco’s bow shop. Looks like I’ll need a bow set up for a 31 inch draw length.

Once again, a huge thanks to everyone that attended the hunting seminars at Sportco yesterday and we should have news of some more fun hunting events coming soon. Best of luck to you all on the turkey opener on April 15th and in the woods next fall!

Rob Endsley
The Outdoor Line
710 ESPN Seattle

EXO Mountain Gear Backcountry Hunting Packs - Boise, Idaho

Every-Body, Needs a Buddy

Every-body needs a Buddy, as in “Portable Buddy”. Mr. Heater has been making portable heaters for years.

A couple years ago when I sold my aluminum drift boat I left the attached heating system that I installed in the boat. It worked great for that boat, as I had multiple Mr. Heater heating elements mounted in three locations. I also had a propane tank secured in the back of the boat and several hoses secured under the left gunnel tray that went from the tank to the heating elements.

I would remove part of the system in the spring as I didn’t need it until fall rolled around again. The hoses and some of the brackets I would leave in the boat. To be honest, at times, that extra crap was kind of in the way. In the bow of the boat up under the dash I had a bracket that I left in place because it was screwed in. This minimized some storage room up front and was kind of a pain.

The bottom line is that I spend many days on the water each year, some of which I don’t need a heater, and some I do. Let’s face it, heaters are nice to have, but we don’t always need them.

When I sold my aluminum boat and purchased my RivTech driftboat I spent a little time looking around for exactly what type of system I could put in my new boat. I had several ideas but was really trying to make it so that when I needed the heaters…they were there. When I don’t need heaters I didn’t want extra components in the boat cluttering things up.

I finally settled on the Mr. Heater “Portable Buddy”.

For me, now in my glass boat, it was a no brainer. Truly a heating system that was actually portable and safe. Here are some of the manufacturing specs that make these little heaters so great.

  •   4,000- to 9,000-BTU radiant heater for spaces up to 200 square feet
  •   Approved for indoor/outdoor use;   clean-burning; nearly 100-percent efficient
  •   Auto shut-off if tipped over, if pilot light goes out, or if detects low oxygen levels
  •   Fold-down handle; swivel-out regulator;  connects to propane tank (not included)
  •   Measures 9 by 14-1/5 by 14-2/5 inches; 1-year   limited warranty

It actually can run off of a 1 lb. screw in cylinder or off of a larger tank connected by a hose.

With a glass boat safety from an accidental fire was kind of on my mind. Perhaps it’s thefFiremen in me or just common sense. Either way the fact that these little portable heaters have “auto shut-off tip-over protection”, pretty much sealed the deal. for me

Did I mention that they will heat up to 200 square feet…”BONUS”!

I did the math, and here is what I came up with!


 The view from my oarsman seat, again “NOT 200 SQUARE FEET”.

Finally, the view form the rear seat, I think you get the idea. The bottom line is, these things are compact, portable and crank out the heat. With three of them in the boat, every seat gets the heat. When the day finally warms up they are compact enough to tuck away in the back of the boat, and well out of the way.

I don’t know about you but usually the first thing to get cold for most folks in the boat are their feet. These Portable Buddy heaters are perfect for getting the feet warm and throwing out enough heat to keep everyone happy. A single one pound cylinder on the medium heat setting will last about 6 hrs. Throw a couple of extra cylinder’s under the seat for those long cold winter steelhead days and you’re good to go.

Sportco and Outdoor Emporium usually have these in stock and on-sale for as low as $69.99.

Do yourself, and your friends in your boat a favor and pick up a couple of these Portable Buddies. It may not turn one of those non-fish days into an epic one, but at least you’ll be warm which is far better then No Fish, COLD and Miserable!

Duane Inglin
The Outdoor Line
710 ESPN Seattle











Northwest Outdoor Report

Puget Sound Squidding Solid
Tim Bush from Outdoor Emporium (206-642-6550) in Seattle is reporting excellent squid jigging at Pier 86 in downtown Seattle and also at Quartermaster Harbor over on Vashon Island. He said the squid numbers have been excellent so far this winter and they’ve been quite a bit bigger than normal too. He recommends using one of the glow-in-the-dark or battery operated jigs made by Colman. They’ve got plenty of them in stock at Outdoor Emporium just south of Safeco Field!

Crabbing Picking up near Everett
John Martinis at John’s Sporting Goods (425-259-3056) in Everett is reporting a little better crabbing in Marine Areas 8-1 and 8-2. After a slow start to the winter crab season the numbers have built up considerably and crabbers have been pulling some limits near the Shipwreck and off Hat Island. Martinis says the best depth seems to be 60 and 80 feet of water. He says when there’s a window of nice weather the west side of Possession Bar has been lights out for winter blackmouth.

Steelhead Showing in Marblemount
John Koenig of John’s Guide Service (360-708-3166) in Rockport is reporting as many as 5 hatchery steelhead being caught per day on the Cascade River this past week. He said it was enough to make him switch over from silver gear to steelhead gear on his jet boat yesterday. They hooked one steelhead on the main river before losing it, but they did pick up a couple of nice silvers. He’ll be targeting steelhead on the Skagit from here out and expects to start seeing some more fish showing in the main river any day now.

Snoqualmie Slow for Steelhead
Gabe Miller at Sportco (252-922-2222) in Fife reported slow steelhead fishing at Tokul Creek on the Snoqualmie River this past week. He said he fished it yesterday morning with very good river conditions and saw only one steelhead caught for quite a few anglers. The Snoqualmie got a healthy plant of 156,000 winter steelhead smolts in 2011, which should make for some great steelhead fishing the next couple of months.

Another November Razor Dig
Twin Harbors beach will open November 26th for six straight days and then Long Beach will open for digging on Thursday November 29th, followed by Copalis and Mocrock beaches on Friday November 30th. All four beaches will close at midnight on December 1st. These are all evening digs.

Doorbuster Sale at Outdoor Emporium and Sportco this Weekend
Outdoor Emporium and Sportco have lined up some smokin’ deals for the Black Friday shopping weekend. Outdoorsman can pick up Hodgman zipperfront breathable waders for $35, a Lowrance 5X Pro fishfinder for $138, Coleman Buddy propane heaters for $70, and Danielson crab traps for just $11 and there’s plenty more deals. The big doorbuster sale lasts all weekend at Sportco in Fife and Outdoor Emporium in Seattle.

Deer Attacks Men and then Steals Their Smokes
KETK News in Whitehouse, Texas – Joseph Rose and Cole Kellis were leaving their home on Friday morning when they noticed a deer in their front yard. Rose said the deer appeared friendly but when they approached the buck it started to attack the two men. After the deer poked Rose in the ribs with his antlers he jumped in his truck to get away, but the deer kept coming. The deer jumped into the cab of the truck and stole his pack of smokes off the center console. The deer began eating the smokes and when Rose tried to get them back he came after him again. It took 5 police officers to restrain the deer before it was transported away by a game warden. One comment on the KETK website suggested that the the deer had just mated and probably just wanted to have a smoke afterwards.

Rob Endsley
The Outdoor Line
710 ESPN Seattle

Northwest Outdoor Report

Pending World Record Silver Salmon
Angler Thomas Olivo from Bozeman, Montana might have just broken the All-Tackle world record for coho salmon with a whopping 34 pounder. Ironically, the huge silver was taken on New York’s aptly –named Salmon River near Pulaski. Thomas was flyfishing with a black streamer back on September 19th when he hooked the fish. It took him 20 minutes to land the big silver before it was safely released to swim another day. The record is currently pending while the IGFA works with biologists to determine if the fish was a pure coho or a coho-Chinook hybrid. If approved Olivo’s silver salmon will be the new All-Tackle world record and the new 16 pound line class record.

South Sound Kicking Out Blackmouth
Tom Pollock from Sportco (253-922-2222) in Fife confirmed reports of good blackmouth fishing at Point Defiance this past week. He said that despite an abundance of shakers anglers are still using smaller presentations like Coho Killers and Ace Hi Flies to catch blackmouth at the point. He said the most productive trolling area has been from Owens Beach down to the Slag Pile. Pollock also mentioned that some blackmouth were being caught at Green Point on Fox Island, which is also a great spot for crabbing.

Steelhead Showing at Blue Creek
Phil Stephens of Mystical Legends Guide Service (206-940-0052) is reporting that there’s a few winter steelhead showing up near Blue Creek on the Cowlitz River just in time for Thanksgiving. He said the river is flowing high right now and anglers should concentrate on fishing close to the bank for a shot at some early winter chrome. Stephens though the best chance of catching an early winter steelhead would be just downstream of the outlet pipe from the hatchery. The Cowlitz River got a smolt plant of 684,000 winter steelhead back in 2011, which should produce some excellent steelhead fishing from Thanksgiving all the way thru the month of April.

Razor Clam Dig This Weekend
Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Copalis, and Mocrocks Beaches are all open for razor clam digging tonight. The low tide is at 9:09 p.m. and digging usually starts about two hours before the low tide. Razor clammers are advised to place a light beacon in their vehicles before they had down to the beach to make it easier to find them afterwards. And don’t forget to bring a bright headlamp or lantern to spot the clams in the dark.

Alaskan Grizzly Bear Attack
An encounter with a grizzly bear is something that every outdoorsman’s fears the most. That fear became reality for two trappers near the Kenai River this past Tuesday when they ran into a large sow grizzly bear. The bear viciously attacked the first trapper she encountered and when his friend went to help him she knocked him to the ground before going back to work on her first victim. One of the trappers, whose name is yet to be released, was flown in critical condition to a hospital in Anchorage. The victims were not carrying a gun or bear spray. Despite being attacked by the grizzly bear they urged authorities to not go out and try to trap the bear as it was obvious they invaded its space.

Hostess to Shut Down, Anglers in Shock!
Hostess announced yesterday that it was going to close its doors for good. The maker of Twinkies, Ho Ho’s, Cream Pies, and Hostess Cupcakes said in a press release yesterday that bankruptcy and a labor dispute are making it impossible to carry on. Hostess product’s has known been as the “Breakfast of Fisherman” for over seven decades and many anglers were in shock when they heard the news yesterday.  Nick Kester of All Star Charters, who’s started his day off with a Hostess cherry pie and old fashioned doughnuts for the last two decades was dejected and solemn when he was contacted by the Outdoor Line news staff. Kester said he would probably skip breakfast altogether if he couldn’t have his old fashioned doughnuts. Some anglers were paying up to $100 for Twinkies on Ebay yesterday afternoon and someone had posted a “Buy” for $500, but no one had bid on that Twinkie yet.

Rob Endsley
The Outdoor Line
710 ESPN Seattle