Jan 01, 2018 by Rob Endsley
Six of the Best Shots of All Time

 Would you rather make one eye-popping shot or never miss? Can you do either? In the autumn of 1908 in what is now lower Tanzania, elephant hunter James Sutherlin fired the right-hand barrel of his .577 into the chest of a bull. Heart intact, the elephant charged. The second shot...

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Jul 04, 2017 by Jason Brooks
Tips for Better Accuracy

by Jason Brooks If you have been hunting for a few years or more then I am sure you have missed a time or two. We all would like to think that under pressure and when it counts that we will make the shot. And when we do miss oftentimes...

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Mar 26, 2017 by Rob Endsley
Making Lightweight Hunting Rifles Behave

By Wayne Van Zwoll If your bullets wander about the target, and game inexplicably runs off, maybe you lack ounces.The lighter your burden, the more you enjoy walking, climbing, hunting. Many early bolt-action hunting rifles weighed over 8 pounds. In the 1950s Winchester introduced its Featherweight Model 70 at 6...

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