Apr 12, 2018 by Jason Brooks
2018 Salmon Season’s Set

by Jason Brooks North of Falcon has finished up and now we know what to expect for our salmon season’s this year. Like a tide change during a wind storm, it all depends on how you look at the opportunities, either a turbulent crashing of waves or a few rollers...

Oct 03, 2017 by Mark Yuasa
Break out the crab pots: Some marine areas reopen Saturday for winter Dungeness crab fishing

Great news for those who like to pursue Dungeness crabs! The winter Dungeness crab fisheries are set to open this Saturday (Oct. 7) after summer catch assessments taken by state Fish and Wildlife showed enough remained in the catch quota. “It was definitely not a good summer,” said Don Velasquez,...

Oct 31, 2016 by Rob Endsley
Blacktail Success – Reading the Sign

By Rob Endsley Blacktails will drive you to madness! For starters they live in the dense jungle known as the Pacific Northwest rainforest. Chest-high salal brush, re-prod, salmonberry's, alder thickets, and some of the deepest, darkest pockets of timber you can imagine is what you'll find in blacktail country. And you...

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Dec 10, 2012 by Rob Endsley
Northwest Outdoor Report

WDFW Announces Razor Clam Dig Clam diggers can look forward to some of the best tides of the year when Twin Harbors opens on December 11th for 6 days, followed by Mocrocks, Long Beach, and Copalis that will open up on Friday December 14th. All four beaches will remain open...

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Nov 24, 2012 by Rob Endsley
Northwest Outdoor Report

Puget Sound Squidding Solid Tim Bush from Outdoor Emporium (206-642-6550) in Seattle is reporting excellent squid jigging at Pier 86 in downtown Seattle and also at Quartermaster Harbor over on Vashon Island. He said the squid numbers have been excellent so far this winter and they’ve been quite a bit...

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Nov 07, 2011 by Guest
Washington OK’s Another Round of Razor Clam Digs

OLYMPIA - Clam diggers today got a green light to proceed with a two-day razor clam dig Nov. 11-12 at three ocean beaches. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) approved the dig after marine toxin tests showed that the clams on the three beaches are safe to eat....

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Oct 27, 2011 by Rob Endsley
My 2011 Washington Blacktail

I spent five days hunting whitetails and mule deer in Eastern Washington last week in what can only be described as sun bathing weather. Not exactly the type of conditions that produce great deer hunting. I saw plenty of deer, including 9 bucks, but there were no shooters in the...

Apr 13, 2011 by Rob Endsley
Prepping for the Trout Opener

Approximately 300,000 anglers will swarm the lowland lakes of Western Washington for "opening day" on April 30th, the largest attendance of any opening day here in Washington. Hundreds of thousands of rainbow trout ranging from pan-fryer sized eight to twelve inchers to the coveted and beefy triploids are pumped into...

Oct 18, 2010 by Tom Nelson
Okanogan Deer Opener!!!

Short and sweet. Brief, quick, don't blink or you'll miss it.... Eight. Count 'em, eight days are what you get for the modern firearm mule deer season. No wonder hunters plot, scheme, schedule vacation and plan their lives around deer season. The memories of deer camp, bucks hanging from the...

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