Apr 12, 2018 by Jason Brooks
2018 Salmon Season’s Set

by Jason Brooks North of Falcon has finished up and now we know what to expect for our salmon season’s this year. Like a tide change during a wind storm, it all depends on how you look at the opportunities, either a turbulent crashing of waves or a few rollers...

Mar 16, 2013 by Rob Endsley
Northwest Outdoor Report

I-5 Stretch Producing Springers on the Columbia Eric Linde from Linde’s Sportfishing in Vancouver, Washington says that about a third of the boats are catching springers on any given day on the Columbia and traffic has been light so far. Linde says he’s been getting a few bites a day...

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Mar 09, 2013 by Rob Endsley
Northwest Outdoor Report

Cowlitz Slow for Steelhead, Columbia Picking Up for Springers Justin Leach at Bob’s Sporting Goods in Longview says the fishing has been really slow on the Cowlitz for steelhead. Leach says the guys that are catching fish on the Cowlitz right now are working extremely hard for them. He says...

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Dec 01, 2012 by Rob Endsley
Northwest Outdoor Report

Humptulips and Satsop Kicking out Coho Patient anglers that waited until the end of the season to fill their freezers with coho were rewarded with great fishing this past week on the Humptulips and Satsop Rivers. Scott Sypher from Canyon Man’s Guide Service (206-518-4982) and Phil Stephens from Mystical Legends...

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Apr 13, 2012 by Duane Inglin
Sunshine and Springers

Sunshine and Springers About a half hour ago, my wife Sheri proclaims as she walked through her kitchen, "this house smells like fish". Yes honey, yes it does. It's that damn Chinook, I can't help it, if it's a Fall fish or Spring Chinook, there is that distinctive smell. I...

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May 22, 2011 by Tom Nelson
Cool Spring, Hot Springers!

This year's much anticipated Columbia River spring chinook run has been a mirror image of our "spring" weather: underwhelming at best. April was a near bust for both the sun and the springers as low water temperatures slowed the early running chinook's accent up the Columbia to a mere crawl....

by Rob Endsley
Washington’s Freshwater Bonefish

Pacific Northwest anglers looking for something new should turn their attention to the carp of Eastern Washington. That’s right, I said CARP! I’ve hooked these things incidentally while fishing for trout and smallies on the Snake River years ago and either got spooled or came close to it every single...

Feb 28, 2011 by Tom Nelson
The 2011 Salmon Forecasts!!!

I know, I've got it bad... I await the salmon forecast numbers like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. Hello, my name is Tom and I am a "salmon sicko". After watching the numbers for a number of years (never mind how many...) I've found that you can "call some shots"...

Feb 23, 2011 by Rob Tobeck
2011 Columbia River Fall Chinook Preseason Forecasts!!

This is just a preseason forecast but if they are as accurate as they were last year then we are in for another great year of chinook salmon fishing in the ocean and on the Columbia.  I can't wait to get this season started.  COLUMBIA RIVER FALL CHINOOK 2011 PRESEASON FORECASTS...

Nov 03, 2010 by Guest
Centerpinning 101

John Whitlatch from Reel Adventures put Ray into this Methow steelhead BY RAY GOMBISKI. Exactly one year ago I was invited on a centerpin trip with John Whitlatch of Reel Adventures. John is a premier guide on the Kenai River in Alaska and for years has touted the centerpins effectiveness...