May 30, 2018 by Jason Brooks
High Country Trout!

High Country Trout by Jason Brooks With Memorial Day weekend over and the “unofficial” start of summer it is time to dust off the hiking boots and fill up the backpacks. A higher than normal snow pack is coming off of the mountains quickly as May turned out to be...

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Oct 30, 2017 by Mark Yuasa
Chum forecast likely to exceed one-million plus, which means great fishing in weeks ahead

The good news for salmon anglers is two-fold as the chinook fishery reopens in some local marine areas, but the bigger news is what appears to be an extremely strong chum return. “It appears we’re at the beginning of a stronger than forecasted chum run for Hood Canal and South...

Apr 20, 2014 by Tom Nelson
Opening Day 2014 Top Ten Tips!

If there is a more popular fishing "rite of passage" than the lowland lakes trout opener, I sure don't know what it is! The Nelson Clan at Perrygin Lake in Okanogan County a few seasons ago... I would venture to guess that more "first fish" are caught on this final...

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May 10, 2013 by flyfishsteelhead
Summer Steelhead – North Fork Strategies

By Dennis Dickson As the oldest flyfishing stream in the country, The North Fork of the Stilly is steeped in tradition, known for its wild summer steelhead of Deer Creek. This is a passionate subject for me. Not only was I fortunate enough to fish this river as a youth,...

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Apr 28, 2013 by flyfishsteelhead
Northwest Outdoor Report

300,000 Anglers Expected for Trout Opener If you’ve noticed a few more boats scurrying around Western Washington early this morning it’s because today is the lowland lake opener in Washington. With over 300,000 anglers hitting the water today it’s the single largest opener in Washington. WDFW responded to requests to...

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Apr 24, 2013 by flyfishsteelhead
Fly Fishing Bears

By Dennis Dickson Fly fishing BC steelhead rivers is so magical. Sure, we have had our rain outs, wash-outs, busted boats, and broken vehicles. Somehow, these memories all jumble up in a warm and fuzzy place, and I can enjoy them time and time again. As I get older, I...

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Mar 22, 2013 by Rob Endsley
Steelhead Flies – Fact and Fiction

By Dennis Dickson I would venture to guess, one of my most asked questions, the most misunderstood answers in steelhead flyfishing is; "So what is the hot fly?" Steelhead has an allure as an illegitimate son. His noble cousin Salmo Salar, the Atlantic Salmon has a rich and traditional past,...

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Mar 07, 2013 by Rob Endsley
Flyfishing Leaders – The Steelhead Connection

By Dennis Dickson I would like to think my success in helping anglers find and catch steelhead has improved over time. I will openly admit, as a biologist I study  "cause and effect", "stimulus and response". I don't mind adhering to tradition as long as my personal experience concludes that...

Mar 02, 2013 by Rob Endsley
Northwest Outdoor Report

“B” Run Steelhead Trickling into the Cowlitz Phil Stephens from Mystical Legends Guide Service says there’s some really big three-salt hatchery steelhead cruising up the Cowlitz River right now. The “B” run on the Cowlitz just got started and while most of the guides are only picking up a few...

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Feb 27, 2013 by Rob Endsley
River Etiquette 101

By Dennis Dickson I was floating a popular run on the Sauk River one spring day. The April morning found the river in prime shape and I knew the flyboys were going to be out in numbers. As we rounded the corner of a long bar, there near the bottom...

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