Oct 25, 2014 by Tom Nelson
The Four Cornerstones of Winter Chinook Success!

It’s 0640 Saturday morning, we’re between segments on the Radio Show and Rob Endsley’s pen is just flying across his show sheet. “Well, if you don’t write it, I will…now what is the fourth blackmouth point?” Rob says. Some of the best “stuff” happens in between segments while the microphones...

Oct 18, 2014 by Rob Endsley
Setting Up My New Deer Rifle – Savage 7mm-08

I'm always looking for an excuse to purchase new toys to satisfy my hunting and fishing fix and this time it just so happened that I "needed" a new low-recoil rifle. I needed one because of a recent hunt for Sitka blacktails in Southeast Alaska and a daughter that just...

Oct 06, 2014 by Rob Endsley
Luhr Jensen Releases New Kwikfish Colors

The rivers are nothing more than a trickle here in Western Washington right now so why would I be blabbing about three new Kwikfish colors from Luhr Jensen? Because one of these days the skies will open up and the rivers they will rise. And when they do you'll wish...

Oct 01, 2014 by Rob Endsley
Cogburn’s New Hunting Fat Bike

I just got back from a week long hunting trip in Southeast Alaska with Mike and Dory Schoby who were filming Mike's new hunting show Border to Border. Mike had a couple of totally bitchin' Cogburn mountain bikes strapped to his camp trailer. I promptly yanked one off the trailer...

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