Feb 29, 2012 by Tom Nelson
The 2012 Salmon Forecasts!!!

I know, I've got issues..I await the salmon forecast numbers like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. Hello, my name is Tom and I am a "salmon sicko". After watching the numbers for a number of years (never mind how many...) I've found that you can "call some shots" by digging...

by Rob Endsley
Gear Review: Swivellock Oar Locks

I ran into Ron Reed at the Washington Sportsmans Show in Puyallup back in January and he was kind enough to hand me a set of his spiffy new oar locks to try out. Ron is the maker of Swivellock Oar Locks, an innovative driftboat oar lock that pivots, swivels,...

Feb 21, 2012 by Tom Nelson
Fishing the 2012 “Iron Man” Derby!

On Presidents Day Weekend, we got to see... firsthand... why the Olympic Peninsula Salmon Derby was nicknamed “The Iron Man”. Personally, until this year, I had never competed in this event, I simply admired the guys who worked the water for those days in February when the winds can whip the Straits...

by Duane Inglin
How to Cure Shrimp

Fishing coon shrimp for salmon and steelhead isn't a new technique. Pacific Northwest Anglers have been employing the procedure for decades. Nonetheless, in the last few years the application has seen an influx in interest, likely a reflection of modern formulas that make brining the shrimp easier and more efficient...

by Rob Endsley
It’s Oyster:30 in G-Town!

It didn't take long to polish off 6 dozen oysters at my good buddy Geoff's going away party last night here in Gig Harbor. Geoff just got called up for 400 days of active duty in Afghanistan and what better way to send him off than with a bunch of...

Feb 16, 2012 by Rob Endsley
One Day in February

It's no secret that I get the steelhead bug bad, real bad in February. This is the time of year when those big bruiser wild steelhead enter the rivers in Washington and for some reason I absolutely geek out when that happens. It could be that they have a reputation...

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Feb 07, 2012 by Guest
Of Phones and Facebook

BY JEFF LUND. To understand fully the quandary I faced Saturday, I’ll have to volunteer that the first time I remember my cell phone ringing while fishing was in 2007. I was trout fishing on the Klawock River back home, where reception is spotty at best. But the call made...

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Feb 05, 2012 by Tom Nelson
Forecasting the salmon forecasts!

Football nuts have their NFL Combine and Draft, while us “salmon sickos” have the salmon run projections and the season setting process. If you’re a football fan fisherman…you’ve got a whole lot of “pre-seasoning” to do. So, in an effort to apply some “salmonid salve” to your off-season itch lets take a...