Dec 28, 2011 by Guest
Well, Are We Ready?

BY JEFF LUND. Are we standing on top of a grassy hill, fishing rods, hunting rifles, mountain bikes, ab-rollers, recycling bins and piggy banks raised above our collective heads, calling out “Freedom” like William Wallace, ready to attack the new year like “warrior poets”? Hope so. By this time next...

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Dec 22, 2011 by Tom Nelson
Tobeck’s Christmas Crab

Ever since former Seattle Seahawk and WSU Cougar lineman Robbie Tobeck stepped away from The Outdoor Line, I've had to listen to the "Cantankerous Cougar's" complaints: "Boy, I never hear from you anymore,... We haven't been out fishing since I left the show"... etc,etc... you get the drift. So, after hearing...

by Rob Endsley
Rigging a Slip Float for Low Water Winter Steelhead

We're in the middle of our second La Nina winter in a row here in Washington and the weather maelstrom that many of the meteorologists predicted, well, it hasn't materialized yet. Knock on wood! This has been the driest December on record and that's dropped many of the cricks in...

Dec 05, 2011 by Tom Nelson

With memories of last year's San Juan Island (Marine Area 7) smokin' hot blackmouth (winter feeder chinook) opener spinning through my head, I couldn't wait to get up to the Islands for the opener! Add the fact that I'm going to have my pard' Robbo Endsley and Island guru Jay...