Nov 30, 2010 by Rob Endsley
A Smattering of 2010 Big Game Photos

I saute'd my Washington deer tag last night in butter and garlic and while it was a little dry...have to say it didn't taste all that bad. I had my chances and have no regrets about my 2010 hunting season.  I just typed "smattering" and spell check didn't highlight it,...

by Tom Nelson
Cowlitz Commute!

If you say "Thanksgiving", I think "Steelhead" and so does Ryan Bennett of Reel Deal Guide Service! Ryan and I had planned to head down to the Cowlitz one week ago but the snow storm that snarled traffic changed our minds in a hurry. So, we waited a week, got...

Nov 28, 2010 by Rob Tobeck
Bucket List Bonefish, Hawaiian Style!

One of the things that I love most about fishing is chasing those bucket list fish in other parts of the world.  One of those bucket list fish that I have heard so much about is bonefish.  I have often thought about heading down to the keys on a trip...

Nov 27, 2010 by Rob Endsley
Danner Pronghorn GTX Field Test

How do you write a review for a pair of hunting boots? I'll tell you how. You put them on your feet and wear the hell out of them for three years. I've hiked, climbed, side-hilled, walked, stalked, ran, ascended, descended, and slept in these boots. I've put my barkin'...

by Guest
Ankles, anecdotes & attitude adjusters

By JEFF LUND Frightened or appalled by the prospect of walking up an escalator that dared to stop working, the lady stepped aside and allowed the guy with a frayed deltoid ligament on his left ankle and the other guy with a chewed up meniscus to hike up the stuck...

Nov 25, 2010 by Tom Nelson
Skagit Flats Freeze-up Ducks!

I hung up the phone and opened my mouth to tell my wife what was going on... She knew without me uttering a single word. "You're nuts!!!" Kathy had just weighed in with her opinion on my tenuous grip on sanity. "You're going out duck hunting in this weather???" "Honey,...

Nov 23, 2010 by Guest
Who Cares About Rockfish?

By BEAR HOLMES.  Frank Eshpeter, South King County PSA chapter President, always gives me the opportunity to provide a short update to the membership on the progress of CCA’s artificial reef proposal or some other rockfish related topic at our monthly meetings.  This month I asked how many of the...

Nov 22, 2010 by Tom Nelson
Marine Area 8-2: Home Water

The first place I ever used a downrigger was here in Possession Sound. Having grown up in this area, I've spent more than my fair share of time fishing these waters. Although portions of 8-2 are open during the summer, most notably the Tulalip "bubble" fishery outside of Tulalip Bay,...

Nov 21, 2010 by Rob Endsley
Setting up the J-Hook Decoy Spread

You'd think a bird with a brain the size of a tomato seed would find it's way into the decoys no matter how they are arranged, but as we all know that's seldom the case. Ol' "bird brain" isn't as gullible as you'd think. Here's some tips from frequent Outdoor...

Nov 17, 2010 by Tom Nelson
Best Hatchery Steelhead Year Since ???!

Throughout all this talk of budget cuts, ocean survival and La Nina the fact remains that the hatchery steelhead are on their way!  Here's why I'm looking at this year's hatchery runs more positively that the last couple years: This fall there were less coho salmon "in front" of the...