Mar 29, 2010 by Rob Tobeck
New Electronics for the SalmonHawk

After the show from Anacortes on Saturday, Nelly and Robbo couldn't wait to get out of our makeshift studio Skagit Orca provided by Master Marine.  You see they were going fishing in the 4th annual Anacortes Salmon Derby.  I on the other hand couldn't wait to get out of there...

by Rob Endsley
Anacortes Derby

We finished off this past week with a live broadcast from the Anacortes Derby on Saturday morning and then jumped in Tom Nelson's boat after the show to fish the remainder of the derby in the San Juans. 1000 tickets were sold in just 9 days for this event and...

by Tom Nelson
Fishing the Anacortes Salmon Derby!!!

What's the difference between a "derby" and a "tournament'? I won't bore you with the dictionary definition of these two words but the Anacortes Salmon Derby sure has a "Big time" feel to it! For those that have not had the opportunity to attend or compete in this event, let me...

Mar 26, 2010 by Guest
Holding Waters

You feel the rush as your float dips under the surface; you come back hard on the rod and feel the first couple head shakes.   You see the flash under the water of a chrome fish writhing back and forth trying to shake lose, you reel down and bury...

by Rob Endsley
Costa Rica Report

It was only natural for our partner Tom Nelson to fish for blackmouth the day before we left for Costa Rica and the day after we got back. Go figure...we're heading to Anacortes today to fish in the derby. I mean, the guys talking about dam counts at Bonneville Dam...

by Tom Nelson
Billfish Number One and Sierra Number One and Bonita Number One and…

Yeah, I said it... I told Tobeck last week that "I almost wish we were staying home to hit the springers rather than going to Costa Rica." In retrospect, that might have been a short-sighted statement... We've all seen pictures and heard the stories of the incredible fishing, scenery and...

Mar 19, 2010 by Rob Tobeck
The Key to a Happy Family

My wife doesn't ask too much of me, but when she does ask something I try to make it happen. There has been one request however that I just haven't been able to get done, at least not until now.  What was the request?  She simply wanted to be able to park her...

by Rob Endsley
Shifting Gears, A Return to the Bluewater

The gang from the Outdoor Line packs up and heads south to Costa Rica on Sunday to scout out the location of our 2011 Outdoor Line Billfish Tournament. Robbie Tobeck had an excellent trip to Los Suenos just after he retired from the NFL and I've had numerous friends and...

by Guest
The Bass Pro and Ordinary Joe

Two hours into my latest habit of not catching fish, I stared across the slough at a wake caused by a fish trying to fly and failing miserably. The result was impressive though, and the concussion captured my attention. It again leaped from the brown water, arched its back, flicked...

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Mar 16, 2010 by Guest
Tuna Dog in Hatteras for More Bluefin!!!

By Del Stephens "Tuna Dog".  I'm back out in Hatteras fishing with the boys from Tuna Duck Sportfishing and it's a good thing we planned to stay in Hatteras for a week because the weather has been cold and extremely windy at times. Our blue fin tuna trip started out...