Apr 27, 2009 by Rob Tobeck
As Luck Would Have It

I’ve never been one to believe in luck. I always went with the idea that through hard work and attention to detail you cold overcome most obstacles that stood in your way. Heck, I had an old coach when I played for Atlanta that always said “ Luck favors the...

by Tom Nelson
Get in, Sit down, Buckle up and hold on!

Our first day in the studio: April 11, 2009.  I’ll never forget it…  As 6:02am approached, the time that we all had anticipated for literally weeks, I couldn’t help but reflect on the event as the culmination of a whole lot of work and an even bigger stroke of luck....

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by Rob Endsley
The End to Sea-Sickness

With the Outdoor Line Halibut Quest trip quickly approaching on May 12 I thought it would be prudent to upload this article on sea-sickness. One of our charter customers has been sea-sick every single day he’s been on the water for over thirty years. I think I would have switched...