Wings and Legs Jerk-a-Spread Decoy System

I had the opportunity to hunt ducks with Travis Brewer from Banded Hunts in Mount Vernon, Washington yesterday and he used a jerk string called the Wings and Legs Jerk a Spreader decoy system to make our spread look a little more lifelike.

We had bluebird conditions yesterday and the birds would circle a few times before heading back into the ozone layer again to carry on their way. They had been shot up pretty good the last few weeks and I’ll be darned if they were gonna dive into a spread of motionless duck decoys.

That’s when Travis broke out the Wings and Legs jerk string to apply some major motion to his spread of 120 plus dekes.

This system is comprised of a 60 foot jerk string with three snap swivels attached, a 4 foot stake with a bungee cord, and three separate spreaders that will hold 4 decoys apiece. The whole system is pre-assembled and outside of hooking it all together all that’s needed is to snap the decoys into the large snaps attached to the spreader bars and you’re ready to jerk your dekes to life.

When it was my turn to pull on the jerk string I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to impart motion to all twelve of the dekes at the same time. All I had to do was pull it back a foot and let go and all the decoys would swim.

Here’s some video that we shot yesterday of the Wings and Legs jerk string system in action. Pretty slick ‘eh!

I think this system will be a huge advantage for late season waterfowler’s who deploy small spreads to lure in decoy-wary waterfowl. Birds that are used to seeing huge spreads in the early season might just fall for a small but very lifelike flock of decoys.

The spreaders fold up nicely and the whole system can be easily carried into a field or small pond with a dozen decoys making it a super lethal setup for the field or small pond hunter.

The only drawback we had with the system was snapping the dekes into the large snaps. They didn’t close easily and Travis had to enlarge the holes in the keels to get the snaps thru. Placing some wire zip-ties in the keel holes would make this connection a lot quicker in the field.

The really nice thing about this setup is that it retails for less than $40. I might just treat myself to one for Christmas and heck, I’ll probably get one for the wife too. Isn’t she lucky to be married to such a caring husband?

You can find them online at Mack’s Prairie Wings and various other online retailers. Buy yourself a Wings and Legs Jerk-a-Spread system and treat yourself to a few more late season limits!

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One thought on “Wings and Legs Jerk-a-Spread Decoy System

  1. I wanted to purchase one of these last year and I always saw them on EBay but I don’t see them this year, I would like to buy one can you help me. I would like to get into contact with the people from Wings and Legs and see if I can’t purchase one.
    Thank you
    Frederick Roling ( very interested)

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