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Pending World Record Silver Salmon
Angler Thomas Olivo from Bozeman, Montana might have just broken the All-Tackle world record for coho salmon with a whopping 34 pounder. Ironically, the huge silver was taken on New York’s aptly –named Salmon River near Pulaski. Thomas was flyfishing with a black streamer back on September 19th when he hooked the fish. It took him 20 minutes to land the big silver before it was safely released to swim another day. The record is currently pending while the IGFA works with biologists to determine if the fish was a pure coho or a coho-Chinook hybrid. If approved Olivo’s silver salmon will be the new All-Tackle world record and the new 16 pound line class record.

South Sound Kicking Out Blackmouth
Tom Pollock from Sportco (253-922-2222) in Fife confirmed reports of good blackmouth fishing at Point Defiance this past week. He said that despite an abundance of shakers anglers are still using smaller presentations like Coho Killers and Ace Hi Flies to catch blackmouth at the point. He said the most productive trolling area has been from Owens Beach down to the Slag Pile. Pollock also mentioned that some blackmouth were being caught at Green Point on Fox Island, which is also a great spot for crabbing.

Steelhead Showing at Blue Creek
Phil Stephens of Mystical Legends Guide Service (206-940-0052) is reporting that there’s a few winter steelhead showing up near Blue Creek on the Cowlitz River just in time for Thanksgiving. He said the river is flowing high right now and anglers should concentrate on fishing close to the bank for a shot at some early winter chrome. Stephens though the best chance of catching an early winter steelhead would be just downstream of the outlet pipe from the hatchery. The Cowlitz River got a smolt plant of 684,000 winter steelhead back in 2011, which should produce some excellent steelhead fishing from Thanksgiving all the way thru the month of April.

Razor Clam Dig This Weekend
Long Beach, Twin Harbors, Copalis, and Mocrocks Beaches are all open for razor clam digging tonight. The low tide is at 9:09 p.m. and digging usually starts about two hours before the low tide. Razor clammers are advised to place a light beacon in their vehicles before they had down to the beach to make it easier to find them afterwards. And don’t forget to bring a bright headlamp or lantern to spot the clams in the dark.

Alaskan Grizzly Bear Attack
An encounter with a grizzly bear is something that every outdoorsman’s fears the most. That fear became reality for two trappers near the Kenai River this past Tuesday when they ran into a large sow grizzly bear. The bear viciously attacked the first trapper she encountered and when his friend went to help him she knocked him to the ground before going back to work on her first victim. One of the trappers, whose name is yet to be released, was flown in critical condition to a hospital in Anchorage. The victims were not carrying a gun or bear spray. Despite being attacked by the grizzly bear they urged authorities to not go out and try to trap the bear as it was obvious they invaded its space.

Hostess to Shut Down, Anglers in Shock!
Hostess announced yesterday that it was going to close its doors for good. The maker of Twinkies, Ho Ho’s, Cream Pies, and Hostess Cupcakes said in a press release yesterday that bankruptcy and a labor dispute are making it impossible to carry on. Hostess product’s has known been as the “Breakfast of Fisherman” for over seven decades and many anglers were in shock when they heard the news yesterday.  Nick Kester of All Star Charters, who’s started his day off with a Hostess cherry pie and old fashioned doughnuts for the last two decades was dejected and solemn when he was contacted by the Outdoor Line news staff. Kester said he would probably skip breakfast altogether if he couldn’t have his old fashioned doughnuts. Some anglers were paying up to $100 for Twinkies on Ebay yesterday afternoon and someone had posted a “Buy” for $500, but no one had bid on that Twinkie yet.

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